What Defines Success? (Blog for a motivational speaker)

WHAT DEFINES SUCCESS? By XXXXXX I’ve been talking and thinking a lot lately about success and what success actually means. I really believe success means different things to different people but is summed up in one word….Happiness. What defines success to me is more about happiness than about how much money you make or how high up the ladder you climb. It’s the question of “If money wasn’t an object, what would you be doing with your life right now?” We’ll get back to that question, but right now, let’s think about how success is sometimes defined FOR us, not BY us. In high school and college, we’re taught that success means graduating with decent grades and getting that career or job. After that, your success is judged on achieving a goal to reach a certain level in your career. So, you keep climbing that ladder, taking on new responsibilities, sometimes staying in a job that doesn’t make you happy. Then what? Are you not successful if you aren’t at the very top? Let’s face it — even if you are president of a company making millions each year, there is always going to be someone more accomplished and making more money than you Does that mean you are not a successful person? Money doesn’t define success. My idea of being successful is likely different than your idea of being successful. The housewife who keeps her home in order and raises three healthy and happy children and who absolutely loves what she is doing most likely considers herself to be extremely successful. The long-haired surfer dude who finally opens the tiny little hut on the beach that sells umbrella drinks probably considers himself to be a success. Many times, we believe falsely in what society deems as “successful.” That guy driving down the street in the sports car who dresses in only the finest clothes and looks like he has it all together but in reality is very insecure and up to his eyeballs in On the outside he seems to have an incredible life but on the inside he is miserable. Is he happy? NO! So do you think he really feels like a success, then? Probably not. Success is about achieving your dreams and your passions — about being liberated enough to go after those dreams and passions - and ultimately about being true to yourself and what matters most to you. Remember that question about what you would be doing with your life right now if money were no object? Revisit that. Would you be lounging on a beach or sailing around the world or volunteering time with a charity or racing cars or taking a photo safari in Africa? What’s holding you back? We get into this crazy circle of trying to live life by society’s norms, and all the while ignoring our passions. If you aren’t happy, if you aren’t living your dreams and passionately embracing life then are you really a success? Only you can answer that. Happiness defines success! Learn to dream. Live your dreams. Define your own success