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PROCESS Step 1 = Listen
To be a great storyteller, you have to be a great listener. You know your story better than anyone, so we want you to participate in a conversation and journey that creates superior results. We walk through your space, we gather information about your culture, we discuss what you want to accomplish. We create an environment that fits your mission, your taste and your budget. The art collection you create will convey that story in a way that engages all who walk through your doors. Proceed to Step 2

STEP 2 = Plan Kalida Art now creates the initial concepts for your unique art collection. Taking into account your impressions, history and goals, we create a proposal unique to your needs, plan the initial collection and develop a workable plan. Importantly, we work to fit your needs into your budget. Continue to Step 3

STEP 3 = CREATE Kalida Art takes your unique plan and begins the creative process. We pull together the most powerful and moving images, and we design a storyboard for your walls. Where we place those images is also important, as the artwork must fit the space to maximize impact. Even the size of the images is carefully examined. We explore how to bring this story together in a way that flows throughout your facility and evokes emotions in the most positive fashion. Your collection becomes one-of-a-kind — a rare art compilation that is exclusive to your company. Continue to Step 4

STEP 4 = Craft The printing, matting and framing of your collection are planned for maximum effect. By using carefully considered frame sizes, you have the option to change out the photography with little effort. Kalida Art’s custom framers are artists in their own right, and quality is always foremost. Kalida Art uses only the finest materials for printing, matting and framing. The framing never lessens the focus of the photography. It only enhances the story you are telling. Continue to Step 5:

STEP 5 = Installation Kalida Art now strategically installs your corporate art collection. Much like the natural progression of a story, we place your artwork in a logical order that delivers images naturally and with powerful results. All forms of installation can be accomplished using laser-precision placement. Kalida Art can also install unusual sizes ranging from the tiniest of images to metal panels nearly 20 feet tall. Kalida Art’s expert installation team makes this last step of your journey quickly, easily and with little inconvenience.