Beer on App - How iPhone makes successful B2B tool

OKC Biz Magazine, July 20th, 2009

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Oklahoma City brewery owner explains how iPhone software makes for a successful B2B tool Heide Brandes 7.21.2009

J.D. Merryweather, co-owner and marketing director for Oklahoma City-based COOP Ale Works, is betting that people want to know where to drink his brew.

With more than 35 locations in Oklahoma carrying the COOP Ale Works brands on tap, the fledgling brewery already has a fan base. So much, in fact, that Merryweather is betting that beer fans will download an iPhone application that not only describes his beer selections, but shows them exactly where the closest COOP brand is from their present location.

“Basically, this app pings your location and coordinates where the closest establishment is that carries COOP Ale,” Merryweather says. “The app has all the locations that we have on our database and shows you the closest one to your location at that moment.”